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New Movie Offers Thriller Entertainment In Time To Save 2020’s Pandemic Halloween  


KANSAS CITY, MO– 13 Midnights producer Steve Scearcy, who lives in Kansas City, has created a spooky anthology of true tales that has found its audience on the world's most popular screen in time for viewers to celebrate Halloween with some authentic ghostly fun.

Now included with Prime membership. The spine-tingling thriller anthology 13 Midnights features 13 true stories based on ghostly encounters by real people. Host Steve Scearcy presents strange and creepy tales that include a young mother haunted by the monster under her bed, a child conned by a sinister imaginary friend, a real estate agent who hears from passed property owners, a veteran who battles something more frightening to him than war, and other unsettling experiences.  

“I’ve always been interested in stories about the unexplainable.” Scearcy said, “About four years ago, I began seriously interviewing people about their odd experiences and capturing their stories in writing. However, I soon discovered that the written word wasn’t enough. I needed to share the eeriness of these intimate tales in the same way that I heard them, but, understandably, there’s a stigma associated to the sharing of strange experiences.” 


That’s why 13 Midnights features some of the Midwest’s finest actors.

ABOUT THE CAST. Some of the Midwest’s finest actors re-enacted the tales that were first shared privately with Scearcy. The 13 Midnights cast includes: Nancy Marcy, Celia Gannon, Martin Buchanan, Sam Wright, Marilyn Lynch, Hughston Walkinshaw, Barbara Handy, Kevin Fewell, Elaine Clifford, Annie Schwaner, Gina Milbourn, Cody Proctor, and Andrew Milbourn.

Scearcy chose to shoot 13 Midnights in moody black and white, which is reminiscent of classic thrillers. Paying homage to the iconic styles of directors and hosts such as Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling, Scearcy’s deadpan presence as the onscreen narrator is the thread that neatly weaves the stories into a haunting experience. Filmed on location at old houses and historic venues in the Midwest, Scearcy made an important discovery. “The supernatural seem to prefer small towns—who knew?” Scearcy said. “In my research, I learned that ghosts seem to have preferred zip codes...they like small town USA.”

ABOUT STEVE SCEARCY. Steve Scearcy is the creator of 13 Midnights—and he is also the host, writer, director, and producer of the thriller anthology. He has an exceptional and varied career in TV, film, and theater. From the Kennedy Center to stages and ballrooms in London and Edinburg, he has entertained and inspired audiences at venues around the world. His entertainment background includes writing and producing projects with Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine, working with sports legends Mohammad Ali and Hank Aaron, writing comedy specials with zany comedian Marty Allen, and more. Scearcy’s humorous books have been praised by Jeff Foxworthy, Midwest Book Review, and his mother.

ABOUT THE 13 STORIES—Scary Because They're True

•“The Hunt” A tourist's fun ghost hunt becomes terrifying when "they" follow her home.

•“Who's There?” A bartender is stalked by a creepy reflection that leers at her through the mirror.

•“Friends” A man fears an unfamiliar presence that appears in his best pal's eyes.

•“Words” A mysterious stranger awakes him every night to deliver an ominous threat.

•“There's Good and Bad” A grandmother defends a child conned by a sinister imaginary friend.

•“Piano Man” His piano lessons become a command performance that endlessly haunts his life.

•“Under The Bed” A young mother protects her daughter from the monster that lived under her own bed.

•“Time” A salesman is startled when Time answers the door and invites him into the past.

•“Workout” A 20-something struggles with her identity when she is taunted by the impossible.

•“4 Walls” A college co-ed locks herself away to stop psychic visions of a ghastly future.

•“Houses” A real estate agent is fearful when passed property owners make themselves known.

•“The Protector” A brawl with a poltergeist leaves a boyfriend branded by the supernatural.

•“Night Light” A veteran battles a ghostly attacker that is more frightening to him than war.

Special Tribute!

Martin City Coffee is featured in the movie and created a special tribute ~ 13 Midnights Coffee! 

the Classic Storytelling!” 

– Kathy Greenamyre,
National Storytelling Network

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